Attend to Your Grief

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, Attend to Your Grief
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Attend to your grief. We are all grieving… something. It doesn’t matter what or whom. Our grief is real and palpable and personal to us. 

This may be a very raw and tender time for you. If it is, please be gentle with yourself. You may have suffered over the past few months more than in the past few years. Take heart. Have courage.

I encourage and invite you to attend to your grief. Allow it. Feel it. Acknowledge it. Take action from it. Write about it. Garden. Shower. Sleep. Walk. Run. Scream into a pillow. Cry. Do what you must to attend to it.

If you leave it, it will fester into anger, despair, depression, or melancholy. Instead, harness it and employ it for something meaningful and resourceful. Raise awareness around it. Write a book. Begin a movement. Be proactive. Attend to your grief.  Release it. Live again. 

Above all… be gentle with yourself. Take heart. Have courage. Much love!

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