Find Your Voice

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, Find Your Voice
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Find your voice in whatever way you can. This is more than speaking or singing. This is writing, dancing, painting, walking, gardening, running, sculpting, cooking, baking, beading, jewelry making, calligraphy, designing, cleaning, organizing, sewing, tailoring, recycling, upcycling, building… in whatever way you can creatively express yourself. 

Once you find your voice, it’s important to use it. Keep it strong. Let it loose. Exercise it. Stifling or hiding it will only diminish it and over time it will lose its potency. 

In what way do you express yourself creatively? In what way do you use it? Take some time to reflect upon the many voices you’ve had over the years. Perhaps resurrecting a creative endeavor will begin to sound inviting and amplify your voice even more. Begin today.  

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