If You are Feeling Guilt or Shame…

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If you are feeling guilt or shame, I have something to share with you that may help you free yourself from it all.

Guilt and shame are falsehoods tied to conditioning that says you are not enough. It doesn’t matter what is tied to the ‘not enough.’ It can be anything and we all do a great job of tacking an endless amount of things onto it to pad it out into a monstrous behemoth that weighs us down and keeps us small and limited.

Guilt and shame are not you. The conditioning you endured and still do, is not you. The voices in your head that trigger you are not you. Please remember who and what you are.

You are an energetic creative being, limitless, full of possibility and potential and you can be and do anything. Feel it. Breathe it all in. Grab hold of whatever dream is locked inside of you and make a plan to take steps to bring it to life.

The rest is all in the past. It isn’t real. It is whatever you want to continue to let it be. You can release it and let it go. Embrace your whole self and begin… one step at a time. It feels so good!

So, what one step will you create today that will lead to another on the road to bringing your dream to life? It is your dream. Let it live.

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