Self-punishment is Unnecessary

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, Self-punishment is Unnecessary
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Self-punishment is unnecessary and optional, yet so many continue to believe it is a requirement.

One of the greatest ways we punish ourselves is by dwelling on the past. When you do this, you have room in your life only for this dwelling. Instead, understand that the past never goes away. It is continually being made over and over again as the present and the future beckon.

The future and the past exist in the present. The future is constantly being imagined and pulls us into uncertainty. The pivot point for both the past and the future is the present.

The present is where every thought you have influences every emotion, decision, and action you take. It is the reason so many are focused on getting your mindset sorted so you can effectively and beneficially influence all of your life, holistically. 

We are energetic beings. We place great emphasis on the man-made construct of time. Yet, as energetic beings, time is irrelevant.

Stop dwelling on the past. The lessons you need to learn will revisit you in the future – they will simply look, sound, and be a little different. You know that in order to really hear or have an ‘aha!’ moment takes many times of being exposed to the same message in different guises. So, the lessons you may have missed the first time around will present themselves to you again and again in different guises until you finally ‘get’ them.

Stop punishing yourself. There is nothing that says you have to berate and denigrate yourself for every perceived mistake you make. There are no mistakes. These are simply ways to inform us and help us choose differently at a later time. They redirect us and help us reflect – briefly – on other options and opportunities.

Celebrate yourself instead! You are pure divine energy visiting this third rock from the Sun to experience and expand your experience of every facet of life. Soak it all in! Enjoy every moment – the good and the bad, the happy and sad, the hard and easy. You are phenomenal!

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