Take a Chance on Your Dreams

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, Take a Chance on Your Dreams
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Take a chance on your dreams. In whatever way, it seems impossible becomes probable and then possible. If your world is crashing around you, take a chance on you. Look for the helpers. They are there. This is a push me-pull me time of crashing through the barriers of fear and discomfort and putting your feet on the ground of your dreams. Begin at the beginning. Take steps towards unfolding your potential. Step boldly and courageously into your future you. 

I know to take a chance on your dream is scary and full of angst. Dreams are, for the most part, quite ephemeral and diffuse. The dream you hold near and dear to you is different. It is rooted deep in your heart and is part of who you are. Go ahead! Now is the time to breathe life into it. Let it grow, flourish, and thrive. Release it and sing the song of its unfolding. Take heart! Have courage. Be bold! 

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