The Essence of Self-Care

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, The Essence of Self-Care
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The essence of self-care lies in the knowledge that we need to care for ourselves first if we are to ever be able to care fully for the wellbeing of others. No one else knows what we need.

Fundamentally, we need to nourish, exercise, and rest ourselves so we can give of ourselves in service and contribution to others.

Do you nourish, exercise, and rest your mind, body, and soul sufficiently? If you find yourself irritable and short-tempered at any time during your day, examine your self-care practice. Say ‘no’ more to non-essential things and say ‘yes’ more often to you. 

Read, solve puzzles or ponder the problems of the world to come up with innovative solutions to exercise your mind and your spirit. Be creative and exercise your body through movement and resistance training. 

Feed yourself the best possible food, drink, information, relationships, and mindful practices to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Rest your mind, body, and spirit through good sleeping practices, walking in nature, good hygiene practices, and mindfulness. 

Take time for you. You are the only one who can. Breathe. Relax. Be grateful.

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