When in Doubt, Emerge

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, When in Doubt Emerge
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When in doubt, emerge. When you feel vulnerable and want to hide, be counterintuitive and step up to step through and emerge!  Your courage is calling. 

We have learned – been conditioned – to be fearful. Everything can throw us into a fear state, if we allow it. Instead, ask yourself questions like:

  • Is this something that will truly harm me?
  • Is this something someone else has taught me to fear?
  • Is this fearful thing a true part of my reality or is it something I have blown out of proportion and made fearful? 
  • What if, instead, I face it and see it for what it truly is?
  • What if, instead, I call it out and learn to identify it differently?
  • What can I do to turn down the volume of the fear and look, hear, and feel this differently?
  • What if I focus on looking for the gift this is bringing to me? What is it?
  • What if I choose to look at this through the lens of love? What will I see?

Learn a different way. Inform and educate yourself. Be curious. There is nothing in this life that needs to be feared.

You are a supremely and intrinsically divine being of light and love. There is nothing to fear. Remember to breathe. Relax. Be grateful. 

Emerge. Be courageous. Be curious. Be love.

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