Your Perceived Karmageddon

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Heart and Soul Creations, Intentional Inspiration, Your Perceived Karmageddon
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If, in all the chaos of the present day, your perceived karmageddon has you out on a limb – relax! It’s easy to get caught up in ascribing fault and blame to skewed historical events and situations and personalize it all. Nothing is your fault. 

For those of you caught up in the ‘karma’ game, consider that karma is a human construct, a label, to keep large groups of the population in compliance – in some cultures. It is tied up in and confused with the laws of reciprocity and consequence.

There is no doubt that your personal vibration attracts whatever you emit. If you are angry, you will receive anger. If you are joyful, you will receive joy. If you are compassionate and caring, you will receive it in return. It may not happen instantaneously but it will happen. Usually this occurs in unexpected ways and moments. 

Give yourself a little wiggle room to be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Give up the need to invoke ‘karma.’ Stop playing that game. It will not serve you. Instead, adopt the pace of nature and know that all things come back to Source. The Source within you is what you see manifest in the world around you. No expectations. No judgments. No need to ascribe blame or fault. Support yourself and others through your willing participation in trusting and knowing that whatever is in this moment, it is perfect. The next moment is already here. Intend it to be love.

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